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About us

In June 2008, Tres E y R  inversiones comes with a commitment to become the best operator of convenience stores in gas stations in the market for Costa Rica. This channel had not experienced a great development in the country by the lack of investment by oil majors in the country which caused an average consumer's ignorance of the concept and the shopping experience in this business. This year Tres E y R  inversiones made an agreement with the chain of Total fuel stations to operate four convenience stores in the Pacific of Costa Rica and the October 23, 2008 was opened the first convenience store in the city of Liberia high expectations to capitalize on the tourism boom that appeared in this area of Guanacaste.During 2009, continued to consolidate our experience with the opening of 3 additional stores in the Guanacaste area and began the recognition of consumers and suppliers of the concept and the shopping experience offered by Quick Stop


As early as 2010 and continuing with expansion plans in San Jose was inaugurated in March the first store in the metropolitan area of La Ribera de Belén. In July and in October opened two stores in downtown San Jose and Lindora to form the chain of seven stores that currently hasIn the first 2 years of operating in the market of Costa Rica has positioned the company among consumers with a relevant concept for its convenience, cleanliness, security, and attractive promotions.We are convinced that the credibility we have built with key suppliers and the continued search for further enhancing the shopping experience for our customers continue to consolidate the concept of convenience store gas stations.


Operates 50 convenience stores in the market for Costa Rica for the year 2020.


Offer our customers an enjoyable experience, recognizing that your time is valuable.


  • Exceeding consumer expectations
  • Acceptance of changes
  • Winner-Passion
  • Do what you do and do it right

-Fast and Friendly Service
-Maintain clean and modern facilities
-Offer relevant products
-Efficiency and Cost Effectiveness
-Training staff

-Comply with safety standards
-Good Presentation